The IBSF is glad to inform you that Doha, Qatar will be the next destination for the World Championships for the year 2023. The championships will be played from 05 November till 24 November 2023 with players and referees meeting on 04 November.

The events to be played during the World Championships 2023 are as per the following calendar:

  • Referees and players’ meetings for the Men’s Championships will be at the venue on Saturday, the 4th of November at 1800 hours followed by the Welcome ceremony at 1900 hours.
    • The Men’s Snooker Championship will start on the 5th of November, with the final to be played on the 10th of November.
    • The Men’s Team Snooker Championship will start on the 8th of November, with the final to be played on the 12th of November.
    • The Men’s 6-Red Snooker Championship will start on the 11th of November, with the final to be played on the 15th of November.
  • Referees and players’ meetings for the Masters, Women Snooker, and English Billiards will be at the venue on Wednesday, the 15th of November at 1800 hours.
    • The Masters, Women Snooker and English Billiards (Long-Up) will start on the 16th of November, with the final to be played on the 20th of November.
    • The Masters Team, Women 6-Red Snooker and English Billiards (150-Up) will start on the 21st of November, with the final to be played on the 24th of November.


  • Each country is allowed to send, 2 players for Men 15-Red Snooker and Men 6-Red Snooker, and one team for Men Teams Snooker.
  • Each country is allowed to send, 4 players for Snooker Women, Masters and English Billiards.

IBSF will invite the last 4 players of the previous IBSF championship as extra players in each category.
The host country is allowed to enter a minimum of 1 player in each group plus additional players to balance the number of players in the groups.

Please enter your players’ names and details into the IBSF website using your Federation/Association username and password. The closing date for entries is 1st OCTOBER 2023.

The entry fee will be US$ 100.00 per player and US$ 200.00 per team for team events.
The entry fee must be paid to the IBSF Treasurer before the start of the Championships.

Countries that have not paid the IBSF annual membership for 2023 will not be allowed to use the online system to enter their players.

16 International Referees from outside Qatar are invited to participate.
The number of referees allocated for each IBSF Region is as follows:
Africa 1, America: 1, Asia: 7, Europe: 6, Oceania: 1.

The 2023 IBSF AGM will be held in the Hotel on the 22nd of November.
Full details regarding the AGM will be sent in a separate letter.

Host association: Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation (QBSF)
Host City: Doha, Qatar
Dates: From 05 November to 24 November 2023.

Host Association Contact:
QBSF President: Mr. Mohamed Al-Ramzani 

QBSF Secretary: Mohamed Salem Al-Nuaimi 

Address of the Association:
Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation
Rawdat Alkhail Street, Doha – Qatar.

Name of Championship Hotel: 
La Maison Hotel
Bin Mahmoud Area, Al Jazeera Street, Doha, Qatar

Please note that all hotel reservations must be done through the Qatar Billiards and Snooker Federation ONLY by entering your accommodation requirements on the IBSF online entry system. All players, referees, officials, and supporters must stay at the hotel hosting the tournament. No entry is allowed onto the premises of the hotel including the venue except to the residents.

Hotel Rates: Room rates per night include taxes and breakfast with 2 pcs of laundry free of charge:
Single room: Qatari Riyal 260.
Double/Twin room: Qatari Riyal 300.

VENUE INFORMATION: Same as the hotel (La Maison Hotel)
•    Number of match tables: 10
•    Make: RASSON
•    Scoring system: Electronic
•    Cloth: Strachan 6811 Super Fine
•    Balls: Aramith 1G Ball sets
•    Airconditioning: Yes
•    Type of floor covering: Carpet
•    Seating / Number of spectators: 100

Travel & Transportation:

Name of nearest international airport:
Hamed International Airport.

Transfers Airport/Hotel/Airport:
Time 20-30 Minutes
Cost: $US 15 per person for one direction.

All participants will be greeted by the QBSF representatives upon arrival subject to arrival information being forwarded in advance.

For all Championships:
Minimum Prize for the Championships

  • Men Snooker USD 10,000, Men 6 Reds USD 7,200, Men Teams USD 5,000.
  • Women Snooker USD 3,600, Women 6 Reds USD 2,400.
  • Masters Snooker USD 5,000, Masters Teams 3,200.
  • English Billiards Long-up USD 3,200, 150-up USD 3,200.

For all Championships Prize fund is based on Entry Fees and is as follows:

  • Winner 40% + Trophy + Gold Medal
  • Runner-Up 20% + Silver Medal
  • Semi-Finalists 10% x 2 = 20% + Bronze Medals
  • Quarter-Finalists 5% x 4 = 20%

Dress Code: All players must wear a waistcoat whilst playing, dark pants together with a waistcoat shall be worn in all sessions of the matches, Long-sleeve shirts and official dark shoes with long socks.

  • Players will be allowed to wear a sponsor logo on the waistcoat with a maximum size of 100 mm x 40 mm or 80 mm in diameter.
  • The IBSF & Host NSA will inform players if any logos may be worn during any stages of the Championship and that players wear them belonging to the IBSF or Host NSA’s sponsor(s) at no cost to the players.
  • The Host NSA will decide the appropriate dress code for any official functions.
  • Failure to comply with the prescribed dress code may result in the forfeiture of the match by the players in default.

Visas: Visas will be issued to most participants on arrival please check with Qatar Embassy in your country. For a visa invitation letter please contact QBSF Email:

Drug Testing: Players may be subjected to Drug Testing in accordance with the WCBS Drugs in Sport Policy.

Currency: Local currency is 1 USD = 3.6 to 3.65 QR

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